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13th Sep 2013

Right and hello, This is the New Trollage website,

First of all, We are going to cover the Following:

Domain Names

Okay so lets Begin

The server Opened in July and shutdown for around 2 weeks due to No activity but the server is Being re developed as of today (14/09/2013)

Domain Names:
We are going to upgrade both this site and the Server Domain names so be aware and keep watching the Posts for Domain Updates

Ranks show what type of person you are

For example a Member is someone who is Just a normal player, Just Plays really
and a Helper is someone thats on For roughly 6 hours helping people out etc

Ranks allow you to do certain things such as...
Kits, Special rooms, Hidden Website pages, Respect

The rank System has always been apart of most servers and Ranks are Generally the most famous Part of server, Without ranks someone can pretend who they are, or even take credit for you work.

Thank you for Reading  

for news in the future click the "News" on the Tab bar
Forum » Forums » News & Announcements
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